Learn to move, beat, and shout like a Sumo Samurai Drummer!

Hobart training:

Starting from basics, we will teach you the fundamental rhythmic patterns from which Taiko is evolved. We will look at all aspects of Wadaiko which distinguish it from other percussion as a unique traditional cultural art form, and a dynamic contemporary performing art. For new people, the best time to come is Wednesday evenings.

Monday 6:30 Advanced and Intermediate training
Wednesday 5:00-6:00 Basics training
Wednesday 6:30 Performers and Basics training

Launceston Burnie

More information:

About taiko training

Your training will involve:
Stretching & Flexibility………………Relaxation & Breathing
Energy release & Improvisation……Movement & Form
Endurance & Control…………………Coordination & Balance
Rhythm & Music………………………Focus & Awareness

Taiko is relatively simple; no musical experience is necessary. Anyone can pick up some sticks and have a go, and it’s such great fun. Not surprisingly beating the living hell out of a drum with huge sticks is terrifically satisfying, and great stress relief. But more than that, most people find it really rewarding to work in a team, overcome obstacles and celebrate achievements together. The training is very suitable for children (from upper primary level) through to adults, and we will try hard to accommodate any special requirements you might have.

Taiko is a highly physical endeavour. Be prepared to get active and sweat a fair bit. Wear suitable loose and comfortable clothing and bring a drink bottle. Please note that some activities should only be undertaken by those of sound health and fitness. Every activity is optional, and it is up to each individual to decide whether they are up to it or not. The Tasmania University Union takes no responsibility for injuries sustained during Taiko drumming training and workshops.

Training dojo location

Training Dojo: Royal Hobart Showgrounds. A map is available here.

Information for beginners


  • Wednesday evenings from 5.00pm and/or:
  • Wednesday evenings from 6.30 pm
  • Monday daytime classes, please email for details
  • Private lessons on request
  • Questions?: email or call Maria on 62349404.

How does training work for new comers?

  • Classes are graded to allow more experienced members to challenge themselves
  • Basics classes are recommended for everyone, regardless of how long members have been training
  • Basics classes aim to teach the range of styles of Taiko
  • Each Taiko style has its own particular rhythms and patterns
  • Beginners are encouraged to challenge themselves to their own comfort level

How does payment work for new comers?

  • Members contribute to the Society by yearly membership + monthly training fees
  • Training fees cover all classes, and members can come up to 3 classes a week for no extra costs
  • Special: New Wednesday evening 5.00 pm class only: Family $15, Adults $10, Child/concession $8 per session
  • We try to make Taiko as affordable as possible for everyone, please contact us if payment is a problem.
Annual Membership
Monthly training fee

Prepaid lesson cards are available in 10 and 5-lesson blocks if you think you will not be able to attend regularly for a time. Ask us for more information.

Each session goes for around 2 hours, so you will be able to have 8 hours training or more each month. Or more for no extra cost if you come two nights a week. Ask us how you can further reduce your training fees!


Bachi (drum sticks) can be borrowed, or you can purchase your own set from $20. Earplugs are available for sale for about 20c, or you can buy a better pair of musicians’ ear plugs at a music shop.

Even more information

Download our member package with comprehensive information for new students.

Come along and have a go! There’s nothing wrong with making a few mistakes. Persistence is greatly rewarded. Challenge yourself, and come along to a more advanced training session for the experience and inspiration=0)